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Tenants Policies

General Terms and Conditions

•All tenants must present original and valid photo identification at the time of booking, such as, Aadhar card.

•It is mandatory for tenants to present valid photo identification at the time of booking.

•Booking amount may vary respective to the property policy.

•Bigbro charges only a service charge. – must be paid at the time of booking/accommodation.

•Bigbro is only responsible till the booking/accomodation, after the payment of booking amount Bigbro is not responsible for any issue.

•Pets are allowed only if the owner permits.

•Should any action by a tenants be deemed inappropriate by the owner, or if any inappropriate behaviour is brought to the attention of the owner,
the owner reserves the right, after the allegations have been investigated, to take action against the Tenants.

•As we continue to strive to improve our services, BIGBRO may reach out to tenants to get a feedback of their experience through calls or messages.

Booking Extension Policy

•Extension of accomodation date would be considered by the respective owner, subject to availability.

•Some extra booking amount may be applied by respective owners.

Cancellation Policy

•In case consumer changes it’s mood after the booking/accommodation and want to cancel the booking, refund of booking amount is only depend up on the respective owner.

•Service charge is not refundable after the booking/accommodation is done by the consumer.

Payment Policy

•All the rent (monthly/Annually) is applied according to the Property policy.

•Any discount in rent is only considered by the respective property owner.

BIGBRO Specific Policies

•BIGBRO specific amenities are captured on the website and the app. Tenants are advised to refer the same while booking.

•Some Rooms|Flats|PGs|Hostels may deny entry of gents to rooms. Please confirm with the owners before exploring rooms.

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